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    Garmin’s Varia Rearview Radar – A Whole New Level of Safe

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    Varia Rearview Radar – the new smart safety technology rolling out of Garmin Cycling.  The Varia is a a light system that attaches to the seatpost of the bike facing vehicles that are approaching from behind the rider.  The light communicates wirelessly to the Garmin Edge 1000 or Varia Head Unit.  As a vehicle approaches behind the rider, a light will appear on the riders Edge 1000 or Varia head unit.  The device can even notify you of multiple cars up to 153 yards away PLUS the relative speed of those vehicles – and you never have to turn your head. As the vehicle gets closer, the light brightens and the intensity of the flashes increase to insure the vehicle is well aware of your presence. Here is a video of shop owner, Zach, testing this out. Here’s what he has to say about his expererience: “With no car behind …

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    Fabric Saddles – Innovative & Fresh

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    Fabric Scoop Saddles in stock and on the shelf with three demo’s as well!  If you’re anything like me, I was very confused when I first heard of these saddles. Fabric? Saddles?  I thought they were saddles that had some sort of cotton-like material?  I was wrong.  Fabric is a new accessory company based out of the UK that got their start in the saddle game and have now branched (more product announcements coming).  The company may be new but their saddles have made a big splash in the cycling industry and the reviews are impressive. We’re carrying the Scoop.  According to Fabric, there is a scoop for every rider.  We’ve found that to be true.  The Scoop is 142mm wide with no variation between shapes.  There are three shape options – Radius, Shallow, and Flat.   These shapes are shown below and we have these three saddles for demo.  The …

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    The 2016 Biker’s Edge Kit

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    The completely redesigned 2016 Biker’s Edge Kit by Hyperthreads. $75 Jersey    –    $100 Bibs When we started to think of what we wanted for our new kit, we knew it had to be something completely different than anything we’d ever done before.  After many generations of Castelli kits, we made the decision that the fit no longer worked for the majority of our customers or us.  We started to search for a new company that could get us superior material, with a better fit, and without having to make us raise the price of the kit. After looking at many fabric samples, many chamois samples, and a plethora of other criteria.  We found one company that was superior in all categories – Hyperthreads.  Hyperthreads is a new cycling clothing company based in Ogden, UT and they use only the best materials from around the world.  We were very impressed with …

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    Enve HV M60 Has Landed at the B.E.

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      There are many great things about Enve.  If you didn’t know, they design, test, and make all their wheels right here in our very own Ogden, UT.  This is actually really really cool.  Enve is the industry leader in composite technology, and world renowned for the products they make and it’s right here in Ogden.  One of the great things about Enve is how much they ride themselves and know what riders desire.  After the release of their successful M series wheels they noticed how riders were seeking higher volume tires.  Enve responded with the HV (High Volume) series that is specifically designed for tires at 2.3″ to 2.5″ – the HV M60 and HV M70. We just received our first pairs of the HV M60 and we have to say we’re in love.  Come in and see these beauties for yourself.  You’ll notice from the picture above the width …

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    World’s Smallest GPS Bike Computer Only $129

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    There once was a time when having a GPS on your bike was a luxury.  A time when you would look over to your friends Garmin Edge 510 or 810 and wish that you could also partake in the pouring of data they were receiving.  Maybe you just wanted to know the basic information about your ride without spending hundreds of dollars.  Well my friends, that time has come.  Garmin has released two new GPS computers, that are smaller and lighter than any on the market and packed with features.  The best feature?  The Price.  The Garmin Edge 20 and 25 are looking to be the new GPS computer for the avid cyclist. The Garmin Edge 20 is only $129.99 and delivers GPS and GLONASS with up to 8 hours battery life.  This little computer is going to track your time, distance, elevation, and speed.  However, what makes the Edge 20 …

  • Annual Closeout Sale

    2015 MODEL CLOSEOUT SALE Santa Cruz Included

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    Its that time of year! All our 2015 model bikes have been priced to sell to make way for the new 2016 models that are starting to roll in.  If you were waiting for a screaming deal to purchase your dreambike – now is that time.  Not only have we marked the 2015 bikes down 10-30% off, we’ve even heavily discounted our 2015 Santa Cruz models – which we rarely do. Why do we do it? It’s no secret that buying a new bicycle can be an expensive endeavor, but here at Biker’s Edge we believe it doesn’t have to be.  We pride ourselves in our variety of brands, models, and selection in every price point.  At the start of every season, over coffee and bagels, we discuss every bicycle that each of our brands are going to carry for the following year and which we should bring into the shop.  We hand …

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    Cannondale Demo Truck in Draper on Saturday

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    The Cannondale Bicycles Demo truck will be set up at the Draper Cycle Park this Saturday Aug, 8th from 9 AM to 2 PM. This is your chance to ride all the 2016 Models including the Jekyll, Trigger, Habit, Slate, EVO, and Synapse. No reservation required, just bring your ID, Helmet, and Pedals (they will have flat pedals and SPD’s available). Cannondale pulled out all the stops for 2016, showing us two new models to their line up: the 27.5-wheel all-mountain trail bike called the Habit, and the gravel 650b road bike with a lefty suspension fork – the Slate (pictured).  Yeah, you read that right. 650b road bike with a 30mm travel lefty fork.  The 650b wheels make it quick and versatile, and the lefty fork lets you take this bike anywhere.  The Slate is just as comfortable on the roads as it is on the cross course, making this the ultimate adventure bike.  There is …