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There once was a time when having a GPS on your bike was a luxury.  A time when you would look over to your friends Garmin Edge 510 or 810 and wish that you could also partake in the pouring of data they were receiving.  Maybe you just wanted to know the basic information about your ride without spending hundreds of dollars.  Well my friends, that time has come.  Garmin has released two new GPS computers, that are smaller and lighter than any on the market and packed with features.  The best feature?  The Price.  The Garmin Edge 20 and 25 are looking to be the new GPS computer for the avid cyclist.

Edge on StemThe Garmin Edge 20 is only $129.99 and delivers GPS and GLONASS with up to 8 hours battery life.  This little computer is going to track your time, distance, elevation, and speed.  However, what makes the Edge 20 and 25 so different from the other computers in this price point is that its fully run on GPS.  There is no magnet on your spoke and no massive receiver on your fork.  No more wondering if your magnet is in the right position or wondering if you need to replace your batteries.  It’s also incredibly simple to use – turn it on, press start and you’re off.

Both models come with Garmin Connect, which allows you to save your ride onto their free online fitness community.  You can see the route you rode, analyze it, share it and view your stats in detail.  Garmin Connect will also let you choose a course or create your own that you can follow directly on your Edge 20 or 25.

The Edge 25 steps it up with bluetooth connectivity and ANT+ capability for only $169.99.  Arguably the best deal out of the two, the Edge 25 allows you to receive smart notifications on your device when paired with bluetooth.  This means you can see who text you, who’s calling you, who emailed you, and other alerts right on the Edge 25.  Once you start using this feature, you’ll wonder how you ever rode without it.  No more pulling over to see who’s calling, or checking to see if that was your spouse who just text you.  The bluetooth connectivity also allows the device to automatically transfer the data todifferent face your computer through auto sync.  The ANT+ allows for connection to heart rate monitors and cadence sensors.  The Edge 25 is going to be the leader in GPS computers for cyclists for a long time.  This standout device for under $200 is going to be incredibly hard to compete with.

If you’ve been using your phone and have been frustrated with the data drain and battery life.  Its time to make the switch.  Thanks to the GPS/GLONASS, the Edge 20 and 25 will track you even when your phone won’t.  Save your phone for emergency calls, and don’t use your battery life and data trying to do what the Edge 20/25 can do for 8 hours.   By now you’re probably wondering when can you get your Edge 25, and the answer is now.  Both models are in stock here at your friendly neighborhood Biker’s Edge.


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