In every discipline of every hobby, there is one product that stands out to an individual.  A certain fly in fishing, a certain boot in skiing, and in cycling each person has their own I-can’t-live-without product.  We’ve decided to look into this phenomenon and find what our employees can’t live without.  Over the next few weeks we’ll be publishing posts about the one product that each employee can’t live without.  Its a pretty hard task to try and think of the one bike product that you can’t live without. Think about it? Whats the ONE product you can’t imagine going on rides without? You can only pick one.

We started by asking our resident commuter, Eric, what that product was.  He had to take a few days to think about it and came back to us with what seems like a good answer for him.  You see Eric commutes everywhere by bike – all year long.  He gave up driving a car years ago and hasn’t looked back.  If he wants to go anywhere, he bikes there.  If he wants to go camping – he bikes there.  He loves bike touring and he loves life on the bike.  He uses his bike to go grocery shopping and to hold his camping gear when he goes bike touring.  Because of this we weren’t surprised by his choice.

The product Eric couldn’t live without was his Ortlieb panniers.
1ortleibLike we said, a fitting choice for the dedicated commuter and bike-packer. Eric uses two of these bags, one on each side of his front wheel. This is what Eric had to say about his Ortlieb panniers:

I’ve used this product almost everyday for the past three years.  I absolutely cannot function without this piece of gear.  It’s kept my clothes dry during an overnight deluge in northern Idaho during a week-long tour, carried many layers of clothes during the winter commuting months, carried food and supplies for 7 days in the southern Utah backcountry, etc, etc.  I could go on and on about how often and what I’ve used these bicycle panniers for.  I’ve been using the Ortlieb brand long before we carried them here at Biker’s Edge based on many favorable reviews from folks that have used these for week, month, and even multi-year tours.  The general consensus is that they are simple, very waterproof, have the best attachment system in the business and just generally last for a very, very, long time.  They are a “Buy it once, buy it for life” product.  Based on my extended use of these panniers and a few experiences with other brands I would always choose the Ortlieb first!  If you are looking to haul stuff around, go on a bikecation or just want to “hobo” out your bike, I highly recommend this product.


The Ortlieb panniers are now the first product on our list with more to come. Whats the ONE product you can’t live without? Let us know, and we’ll let you know another employees product-they-can’t-live-without next week!
ERIC STANDINGPannier angle




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