Last week we started a new blog series called, “The product I can’t live without is…” We spoke first to our resident commuter, Eric, and he revealed to us that the Ortlieb Panniers were the product that he could not live without.  This week we challenged our resident graphic designer to answer the same question.  If you like our custom Biker’s Edge jersey’s or the artwork on our beastly van, it was Bo Van Brocklin that did the design work.  Along with being a talented artist, he loves to ride and build bikes.  We challenged Bo to find the one product that he couldn’t live without.  It took him a week and lots of pressuring, but he finally came up with answer. The Maxxis Ardent Tire.

Maxxis ArdentThis is what Bo had to say about his choice:

“For me, one of the most influential products, one I cannot live
without, is the Maxxis Ardent tire. Whether on the front wheel, the back wheel, or even
on both the front and the back, this tire is perfect for northern Utah conditions.
I specifically run the Ardent 27.5×2.4 as a rear tire to compliment my
Maxxis High Roller II in the front. And I’ve ridden the Ardent as a
front tire as well.The versatility of the Ardent makes it applicable
in near any situation. In the back, it rolls fast without sacrificing
too much traction. In tARDENT TIREhe front, it holds traction even in loose, dry dirt. Yes, there are bigger, meatier tires for even better traction, but nothing does an all-around uncompromising job for all the loose and dry dirt we see all the time in Northern and Southern Utah like the Ardent. Call me stupid, or maybe I’m just not a hard enough rider, but I once had the Ardent on the front and I wanted to see how hard I could corner before my front wheel washed out. I was riding the Flying Dog trail near Kimball Junction, and for the life of me, I couldn’t break my front wheel loose on those corners. Since then, I’ve had the Ardent on at least one wheel on all my bikes following that ride.  Maxxis’ rubber compound options can apply for every condition and budget as well. Their Dual compound rubber helps the tread to hold its shape through a hard corner, or accelerating/braking torque while offering little rolling resistance. Or you can go for the single compound for general longevity. Available in a Tubeless Ready option and with their EXO Protection casing. It’s tough, sticky, fast, and a go to for any AM or XC bike.
I can’t live without the Maxxis Ardent.”

Next week we’ll ask another employee what the one product they can’t live without is.  Until then, whats the product you can’t live without?


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