What do you do with that Fat Bike in the Spring?


Spring is in the air, but you have an awesome fat bike!? What do you do!? You don’t want it collecting dust in the warmer months, but you don’t want to have to haul that extra tire weight up the mountain, so what can you do? Well, you’ve heard the buzz about 27.5 Plus tires?  If you haven’t, theres definitely buzz – check it out.  Because 27.5 Plus tires are your solution to this fat-bike-blues, put a plus wheelset on your fat bike!

What’s that, you want to try it out first? Good call, good call.  We have good news for you. Biker’s Edge has a demo wheelset built up and ready to try out. It won’t work with every fat bike out there but it will work with a 177x12mm rear axle and SRAM 1×11 and a 150x15mm front axle. We also have a Bluto you can demo if it works on your fat bike – Salsa Bucksaws and Beargreases are perfect bikes for them!

Come by, say hi, and save your fat bike!



Salsa Bike 1


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