Our Group Rides

Biker’s Edge hosts two group rides. One beginner ride and one advanced/intermediate ride.  All rides are free and anyone is welcome.  Both rides meet and leave from Biker’s Edge. They are both a great time and led by shop employees who also love to ride.  Zach, Taylor, Bo, and Juan are all regulars on leading the group rides.

The Fun Ride

The beginner ride is called the “Fun Ride” and  meets every Wednesday at 5:50pm and leaves at 6:00pm.  The route is 10-15 miles depending on the time of year and generally tends to be about an hour of riding.  The pace is whatever  is necessary to ensure that everyone stays together.  The focus of this ride is to bring together new cyclists and teach them the ways of the road.  This is a great place to meet other cyclists, learn how to ride in a group, group hand signals, and how to ride confidently on public roads.  The cyclists in this group always become great friends and all have a great time every week.  This is why the name of the ride is – The Fun Ride.  It’s just a solid good time for any cyclist.

The Advanced/Intermediate Ride

The advanced/intermediate rides are the training rides for the America First Credit Union/Biker’s Edge Club.  Again, you don’t need to be a member of the club to participate.  If you do want to join the club it’s as easy as buying the America First Credit Union cycling jersey.  Doing that gets you 10% off at Biker’s Edge for a year. The advanced/intermediate ride meets at 5:50pm on Thursday’s and leaves at 6:00pm.  This group is split into an A and B group.  You may be asking yourself – whats the difference between the A and B groups?  The answer is that the A group is a slightly-faster, more advanced pace, averaging 21 mph.  The B group is an intermediate pace that averages about 18 mph.  The A group will leave 5-10 minutes before group B.  Both groups will follow the same route so that if you get dropped from group A, you can get picked up by group B.  The route is 30 miles of mostly flats heading west/north and finishes with optional climbing at the end.  This route will sometimes change occasionally to help keep things new and exciting.

To sum this all up, you should come out and ride with us.  Both rides are an awesome time and you should definitely try to make it out at least once.  Because once you do, you’ll be hooked.  We love new faces and meeting fellow cyclists in the community.  Both groups will start meeting the second week in March and ride until daylight no longer permits.  Remember  – Wednesdays at 5:50 and Thursdays at 5:50.  For more information on the rides, email info@bebikes.com.


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