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    Fat Tuesday 20% Off Fat Bike Sale

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    Well, today is Fat Tuesday, also known as Mardi Gras. It’s high time we all get fat. 2 Fat 2 Furious: A Fat Bike Freeride Film from Rocky Mountain Bicycles on Vimeo. We know that not everyone will ride their fat bikes this way, or even their regular mountain bikes, but fat bikes are a giggle. Crashes hurt a lot less, as long as you don’t hit a tree doing mach burrito, they are way more fun that a trainer, and they give you something to do during the winter. In honor of Fat Tuesday we are putting all fat bikes on sale. 20% off of retail price. Heck, while we are at it let’s put all fat biking accessories at 20% off as well. Of course this is for in stock items only and it is for today only, so you’ll have to get while the gettin’ is good.

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    The Last Minute Gift List

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    Christmas is on Friday The Final Countdown has begun.  Open Christmas Eve: 10am – Noon (If you have a gift or bike top pick up, be sure to do it then.) Closed Christmas Day. Open Dec. 26th at 10am. To get in the spirit of this week, press play before continuing.    The Last Minute Gift List Spurcycle Bells – BACK IN STOCK! This has been one of the most popular items this season.  Spurcycle has rethought the bicycle bell.  They’ve created a modern and sleek bell the resonates longer and louder.  Probably one of the coolest stocking stuffers we could think of.   45 NRTH Japanther and Wolvhammer Winter riding has never been more comfortable with the Japanther and Wolvhammer.  The Japanther is made for the commuter and rated down to 25 degrees, the Wolvhammer is for the dedicated fat biker who doesn’t let cold weather get in their …

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    Final Holiday Sale at BE!

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    You can’t miss this! Today, Wednesday the 16th, and tomorrow, Thursday the 17th only! Today and tomorrow we putting up a special sale again. Come get your stocking stuffers, big surprises, or just come take advantage of our deals for your own needs… Bikes under $1000.00 will be discounted 10%, while any bikes over $1000.00 are discounted 15% 2015 year model bikes marked down to cost! Any Wahoo, Garmin, or GoPro items discounted 10% Any thing else in the store is marked down 20% Again, this deal is only going on today and tomorrow, so don’t shop elsewhere! Seriously, these deals can’t be missed…we mean it. For reals. We’re not trying to be funny here, just do it. Believe in yourself and DO IT!  Just….DO IT!!! That is all…

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    New Holiday Picks

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    We’ve received a lot of new products in the last month, and they’re perfect for the Holidays!  Here’s a few of our favorites: The Spurcycle Bell – Nothing Dorky About It How long has it been since someone has rethought the bicycle bell?  To be honest, we don’t know, but we’re stoked on this new bell by Spurcycle.  Their bell is sleek, modern, and built for maximum ressonance.  This is something, that any cyclist would be stoked to find in their stocking.   Redfox Wireless Redfox Wireless makes top tier headphones for the active crowd.  We have two of their newest products in stock.  Their Evo 4 Bluetooth Wireless headset, and the Rover Mountable Speaker.  These are the best active headphones, and bluetooth headphones that we’ve ever tested.  The headphones are IPx4 waterproof and sweat resistant, and the Rover is an astonishing IPx9 waterproof rating, which means they had to …

  • Pancake Morning

    Sales, Discounts, Charity, and Pancakes!

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    We want to take a moment to let you know how thankful we are for having you as a customer. Here are a few ways we hope to make your Thanksgiving holiday special. As you know, we are joining REI in Opting Outside for Black Friday – we will not be open for sales on Nov. 27th.  Instead we’ll be doing something a little different… We’ll be using this as an opportunity to bring the cycling community together to provide warm clothing and shoes for children in need this winter.  We’ll have a free pancake breakfast on Nov. 27th (Black Friday) at 8:00am at Biker’s Edge, followed by large group rides! We’ll have a few differently paced groups – everyone is encouraged to ride!  Rain or Shine… or snow! This event is going to happen! Bring your friends! There will be no raffle. Instead we’ll be donating the money we would have used …

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    CycloCross – End of Season Sale

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    20% OFF CYCLOCROSS BIKES Good news for anyone who’s always wanted to get a cyclocross bike. With the end of the cyclocross season we decided to put all our in-stock cyclocross bike on sale!  20% off on any in-stock cyclocross bikes! In all seriousness though, seriously, these will not last long…so…like CX, speed is of the essence in this case. As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have about the sport and can help find you the perfect size and perfect bike for you. We have multiple employees that race cyclocross on a regular basis and would love to help answer any questions you may have. We’re not paid on commission, we just love the sport and get stoked when we get to talk about it and share it with others. So come on in, say hi, and talk CX with us! Here’s a nice photo …

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    REI is right – We OptOut

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    REI is right, we OptOut. Biker’s Edge will be closed on Black Friday and open for Small Business Saturday. When we first read about REI closing for Black Friday we were intrigued.  They are a brand that encourages people to go out and explore the world around them, to be outside.  In a moment when it’s so easy to look at all the potential dollars rolling in on the biggest shopping day of the year, it can be easy to loose sight of that mindset.  But they didn’t.  They saw it as an opportunity to share their message to wider a audience. Is Biker’s Edge not the same? We have always strived to be a shop that promotes adventure-by-bike.  Whether your adventure is a Sunday ride with your family, commuting to work, exploring the mountains, or racing on the road bike, we want to support your adventure.  We encourage everyone …

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    Enve HV M60 Has Landed at the B.E.

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      There are many great things about Enve.  If you didn’t know, they design, test, and make all their wheels right here in our very own Ogden, UT.  This is actually really really cool.  Enve is the industry leader in composite technology, and world renowned for the products they make and it’s right here in Ogden.  One of the great things about Enve is how much they ride themselves and know what riders desire.  After the release of their successful M series wheels they noticed how riders were seeking higher volume tires.  Enve responded with the HV (High Volume) series that is specifically designed for tires at 2.3″ to 2.5″ – the HV M60 and HV M70. We just received our first pairs of the HV M60 and we have to say we’re in love.  Come in and see these beauties for yourself.  You’ll notice from the picture above the width …

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    World’s Smallest GPS Bike Computer Only $129

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    There once was a time when having a GPS on your bike was a luxury.  A time when you would look over to your friends Garmin Edge 510 or 810 and wish that you could also partake in the pouring of data they were receiving.  Maybe you just wanted to know the basic information about your ride without spending hundreds of dollars.  Well my friends, that time has come.  Garmin has released two new GPS computers, that are smaller and lighter than any on the market and packed with features.  The best feature?  The Price.  The Garmin Edge 20 and 25 are looking to be the new GPS computer for the avid cyclist. The Garmin Edge 20 is only $129.99 and delivers GPS and GLONASS with up to 8 hours battery life.  This little computer is going to track your time, distance, elevation, and speed.  However, what makes the Edge 20 …

  • Annual Closeout Sale

    2015 MODEL CLOSEOUT SALE Santa Cruz Included

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    Its that time of year! All our 2015 model bikes have been priced to sell to make way for the new 2016 models that are starting to roll in.  If you were waiting for a screaming deal to purchase your dreambike – now is that time.  Not only have we marked the 2015 bikes down 10-30% off, we’ve even heavily discounted our 2015 Santa Cruz models – which we rarely do. Why do we do it? It’s no secret that buying a new bicycle can be an expensive endeavor, but here at Biker’s Edge we believe it doesn’t have to be.  We pride ourselves in our variety of brands, models, and selection in every price point.  At the start of every season, over coffee and bagels, we discuss every bicycle that each of our brands are going to carry for the following year and which we should bring into the shop.  We hand …