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    Got MIPS ???

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    MIPS is a Swedish science and technology company focused on improving helmet safety to deal with the type of crashes we experience in the real world. The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet safety technology which significantly improves head protection in the event of a crash. When we fall, our head often impacts at an angle. This angular impact creates a rotation in the brain, which has been proven to have significant potential to cause brain damage. With MIPS, the helmet absorbs much of that damaging rotational energy, offering increased protection. MIPS has no effect on the traditional safety mechanism of the helmet, the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), so the helmets EPS shell is left to do its job of absorbing radial impacts. How does it work? When the human head is subjected to an angled impact, the brain slides along a membrane on the inner surface of the skull. …


    The All New Norco Optic Trail Bike. The Ultimate Northern Utah Bike!

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    Introducing the perfect Northern Utah trail bike.   The Optic is a fast-pedaling trail bike that rides with just the right mix of light cross country efficiency and all mountain playfulness that will have you screaming for more.  We have the 29ers in stock and ready to go.  To learn more about the Optic, go visit their website http://www.norco.com/optic/

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    Santa Cruz Hightower Already in Stock!

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    Santa Cruz does it right.  They announce a bike and we have it in the shop the same day.  We’ll have demos very soon too.  We’re furiously building these new 29 and 27.5+ compatible bikes as this is typed.  We could ramble on about how amazing it is for hours but for the best details check here.

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    New Holiday Picks

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    We’ve received a lot of new products in the last month, and they’re perfect for the Holidays!  Here’s a few of our favorites: The Spurcycle Bell – Nothing Dorky About It How long has it been since someone has rethought the bicycle bell?  To be honest, we don’t know, but we’re stoked on this new bell by Spurcycle.  Their bell is sleek, modern, and built for maximum ressonance.  This is something, that any cyclist would be stoked to find in their stocking.   Redfox Wireless Redfox Wireless makes top tier headphones for the active crowd.  We have two of their newest products in stock.  Their Evo 4 Bluetooth Wireless headset, and the Rover Mountable Speaker.  These are the best active headphones, and bluetooth headphones that we’ve ever tested.  The headphones are IPx4 waterproof and sweat resistant, and the Rover is an astonishing IPx9 waterproof rating, which means they had to …

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    REI is right – We OptOut

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    REI is right, we OptOut. Biker’s Edge will be closed on Black Friday and open for Small Business Saturday. When we first read about REI closing for Black Friday we were intrigued.  They are a brand that encourages people to go out and explore the world around them, to be outside.  In a moment when it’s so easy to look at all the potential dollars rolling in on the biggest shopping day of the year, it can be easy to loose sight of that mindset.  But they didn’t.  They saw it as an opportunity to share their message to wider a audience. Is Biker’s Edge not the same? We have always strived to be a shop that promotes adventure-by-bike.  Whether your adventure is a Sunday ride with your family, commuting to work, exploring the mountains, or racing on the road bike, we want to support your adventure.  We encourage everyone …

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    Get into the Habit

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      The Cannonade Habit The do-it-all Cannondale Now at Biker’s Edge If you’re looking for one bike to do it all – it might be the Habit. It’s playful, agile and delivers pure fun on pretty much anything the mountain throws your way.  We excited to say we now have this do-it-all trail bike in stock.  The model shown below is the Habit Carbon SE, which came today! Lets take a look at the tech: TRAVEL Habit – 120mm front and rear Habit SE – 130mm front/ 120mm rear LIGHTWEIGHT FRAMES Habit frames come in three great flavors. Full BallisTec Carbon with a carbon link, BallisTec Carbon front/SmartFormed rear with the carbon link (shown above), and full SmartFormed Alloy. Cool carbon shock link saves 100 grams over alloy. DIALED TRAIL GEOMETRY The 68 degree head angle, custom 50mm fork offset, short chainstays and low-slung chassis offer the perfect blend of speed …

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    Holy Norco! Norco is now at B.E.!

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    We’re stoked to announce that we are now a dealer for Norco!  We couldn’t be more excited, their bikes are packed with technology and are built by folks who love to ride.  You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of Norco here at the Edge.  We currently have the Threshold (cyclocross), the Sasquatch and BigFoot (fat bikes), and the Range (mountain), so come on over and check them out. One of our favorite tech features on their mountain bikes is Gravity Tune.  If you’re a really tall or really short rider, you’re going to love this:   “With traditional frame designs, engineers adjust front-centre lengths for each frame size but use a single, fixed rear-centre length. This approach leaves riders of certain body types in a poor position when standing. Poor body position leads to uneven weight distribution and negatively affects traction, control and overall performance and ride characteristics. A …


    Take a Photo and Win a Santa Cruz Sweepstakes!

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    Win a Large Santa Cruz Talloby Frame in a Photo Sweepstakes We’ve decided to replace our Facebook Cover Photo.  So we thought, lets have one our customers take one for us and give them a Santa Cruz frame as a reward?  If you want to win this good lookin’ frame, scroll down for the rules. The rules: 1. Take a cycling related photo.  It can be of you, of a friend, or your bike against a tree.  It can a photo of you riding to the coffee shop, shredding the mountain or climbing up your favorite hill.  Have fun with it. 2. Post it to your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and use #BikersEdgeContest & #bebikes & Tag @thebikersedge. 3. Winner picked on October 24th* and they win the frame and become our new Facebook Cover Photo for an undisclosed amount of time. 4.  We’ll repost and share ones that we love too. …

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    The Trainer that Changed Training.

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    Winter is coming.  We all know what that means. Tortuous sessions in the basement with your bikes front wheel propped up on piles of unused phonebooks.  The TV is turned up as loud as it can go as you attempt to listen over the roaring trainer.  Your body feels tense from the extreme rigidness of the indoor trainer, and you wish for those summer days when you could ride on smooth, flexible asphalt, and feel the breeze in your hair once again.  But alas, you’re stuck in the basement as the snow trucks pummel eroding salt all over the roads. This is the unfortunate truth for many during the sad winter months.  That is unless you have discovered the joys of Fat Bikes, but lets leave that for another time. Many customers come to Biker’s Edge with questions on trainers, and we, as always, are happy to answer. Biker’s Edge …

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    The Cageless Water Bottle

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    Gone are the days of the super expensive carbon water bottle cages.  No longer do we have to spend over a hundred dollars on carbon cages to keep our bikes lightweight.  Gone are the days of trying to match a bottle cage to your frame and not being happy with the selection. The struggle is over!  With this! The cageless water bottle from Fabric.  And we’re so stoked that we finally have these in stock!  These water bottles attach directly to the frame with two bolts.  The revolutionary cageless water bottle completely does away with the need for a cage by mounting directly to your frame. The ultralight-weight 1.5g studs are secure, remove unnecessary parts and improve the clean lines of your bike. The bottle and mounting system weigh drastically less than even the nicest bottle cages. The cageless water bottle slots on to lightweight mounts (1.5g each) that are secured to standard …