The Retul Fit

Retul has been the preferred fit for triathlon legends like Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington.  It’s also the preferred fit for legendary road teams like Garmin, Sky, and RadioShack.

The Retul fit is easily the most accurate fit system in Utah, and arguably the world (we’re serious – and so is Retul).  Retul is located in Boulder, Colorado and has been the world leader in bike fitting technology.  Biker’s Edge is the only shop in Utah with Certified Retul Fitters.  This means that our bike fitters went to the Retul Headquarters in Boulder and received days of training from the creators of the Retul system.  We’re certified in road/mountain fittings and hold special certificates in triathlon/time trial fits. To learn more, or schedule a Retul fit, email Adam Cunningham or Taylor Arnold.

Adam has been a certified Retul fit specialist since 2013, and is currently the only recognized Retul certified fit specialist in Utah. While attending Weber State University for his BA in Athletic Training, he competitively raced and helped manage the WSU cycling team. Adam’s experience in orthopedics includes working in high school sports medicine, and for over seven years in physical therapy. He now works in orthopedics at McKay-Dee Hospital. This experience allows Adam to apply an understanding of exercise physiology and physical assessment to every fit. It also enables him to prescribe appropriate exercises which aid in the improvement of a rider’s efficiency and experience on the bike. Adam fits a variety of riders, from those looking to increase power and efficiency to those needing to correct a medical condition hindering their comfort while riding.

Retul Fit Option 1
If your bike was not purchased at Biker’s Edge
Retul Fit Option 2
If your bike was purchased at Biker’s Edge
Retul Fit Follow Up
Follow up on a previous Retul session


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