The Standard Fit

Fitting is absolutely essential to enjoying your cycling experience and getting the most out of your bike.  We believe so strongly in this that we offer our Standard Fit for free with the purchase of any bicycle.

The standard fit, like we mentioned earlier, is free if you purchase a bike from Biker’s Edge.  This is a static fit utilizing body scanning technology.  BST allows us to take measurements of your body in order to make more accurate adjustments on the bike.  After this is done we fine tune adjust with the standard fitting tools.  This fit will cover cleat positioning, saddle height, saddle placement, handlebar reach, handlebar stack as well as overall positioning.  This fit is recommended if you’ve purchased a used bike, never had a fit on your current bike, or are new to the sport and hesitant if a Retul fit is right for you.

Standard Fit Option 1
If your bike was not purchased at Biker’s Edge
Standard Fit Option 2
If your bike was purchased at Biker’s Edge


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