The annual dehydration olympics.

Every year we close up shop for a few days and take all our demo bikes to Southern Utah for a proper drubbing. Not to make you jealous, but we pack in as much riding and tacos into 3 days as humanly possible. Actually, you should be jealous. This year we were graced with some incredible weather and a whole lot of sunshine.

We call it a team building exercise so HR doesn’t think we’re just goofing off in the desert. In addition to being a good time, we get to ride most of the bikes we are going to stock for the year. That way when you come ask us about such and such a bike, we can give you real world feedback.

It’s the off season so we’re all out of shape, don’t drink enough water and get far too little sleep. We wake up each morning feeling less like a grape and more like a Sun-Maid: Utah Sun-dried Raisin. We each stretch our limits as a rider, things get a little loose and without fail there’s a little bit of carnage. Luckily this year, the times someone hit the deck could be counted on one hand. Sounds like a success to us.

The Queen Stage of the weekend had to be Grafton Mesa. It’s a challenging bit of trail with enough tech to keep you on your toes. The views are amazing, if only a little difficult to appreciate in the moment — it’s probably best to keep your eyes on the trail.

Sit back, enjoy the ride and appreciate the incredible desert scenery.

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