When Orbea sent the photos of the new 2022 Rallon over, our jaws collectively hit the floor. If nothing else it wins the “Best Looking Bike” award. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s more than just a pretty face. If it’s anything like all the other Orbea bikes, it’s going to climb like a dream, be incredibly versatile, and more than hold its own on the downhills. Let’s dive in and see what’s new.

Rallon Banner

Orbea Rallon Updates

For 2022, the Rallon keeps its 160mm of rear-wheel travel paired to a 170mm fork. It does get significantly longer and slacker, though. The head angle drops to 64.2/64.7° while the seat tube is 2° steeper at 77/77.5°. The reach grows by a full 30mm (485mm) on a size large, making it much more in line with its contemporaries. Previously Orbea combined small and medium into one size, now they’ve added a fifth size to the run, spanning from small to extra-large. The standover height has been dropped significantly allowing for more size overlap between frames. Now a rider should be able to decide between two or three sizes based on reach and wheelbase rather than standover height. The added sizing flexibility lets the rider pick based on how they want their bike to handle rather than being forced into a size determined by height. Additionally, most riders should be able to run a 200mm dropper post — praise be!

Rallon 4 Pack

The new Rallon comes in two distinct flavors — a full 29 setup made for speed or a mixed wheel configuration to maximize fun. Both options are available from the factory, so you don’t have to buy aftermarket links and additional wheelsets to make it happen. Speaking of custom from the factory, the Rallon is part of the Orbea MyO program. With a MyO build, you’re able to custom pick components and paint for over 1,000,000 different combinations. You’re almost guaranteed to have a one of a kind Rallon.

Let’s talk about one of my favorite Rallon features — the LOCKR. Similar to other brands, the Rallon now comes with inside-the-frame storage. A hatch on the top of the downtube allows for access inside the frame to store tools, tubes, CO2, and tire levers. Additionally, there are tools stored inside the main pivot and rear axle. No need for a backpack here.

Lockr Frame Storage

We have bikes on order as well as a full review In the works, so stay tuned!

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