The Santa Cruz Skitch, a commuting and gravel oriented ebike, is a first of it’s kind for Santa Cruz. The Skitch is a versatile rigid gravel bike platform with a long range battery paired with a powerful motor that can pedal assist up to 28mph. We like to think of the Skitch, as the electrified Stigmata. Is this the ultimate commuter and gravel ebike? Read on to find out.

Santa Cruz Skitch

What’s the sitch on the Santa Cruz Skitch? This gravel ebike comes in nice and light at 30.13lbs on the GX AXS build. So here’s the lowdown. The Skitch is available in a 700c wheel size with a max tire width of 50mm. It comes built with Santa Cruz’s CC carbon fiber. It also has the option for either running the bike setup with a flat bar or a drop bar. Depending on your ride style and where you’re wanting to take the Skitch, the choice is yours. Flat bars will give you a more upright and casual fit. Drop bars will give you that aggressive and sporty feel.

FAzua Drive-system

The Skitch was made to be a lighter commuter & adventure style ebike but that doesn’t mean that the drive-system would lack in power or battery range. The Skitch has a Fazua Ride 60 drivesystem that will pedal assist up to 28mph with a 60Nm peak torque. The 430Wh battery should provide plenty of range with Santa Cruz claiming 60+ miles.

Who’s The Santa Cruz skitch for?

The Santa Cruz Skitch is for designed for those who want to ride into work as much as possible and still feed their cycling addiction on the weekends. The Skitch makes commuting more fun, and gives you the ability to take the road less traveled when you want to. Less time spent behind the wheel, and on two wheels = more smiles and in the case of the Skitch, lots more miles.

We now have the Skitch available in the shop. Swing by to pick one up today.

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