Bikes need love and affection

Biker’s Edge offers a range of repair and maintenance services, including tune-ups, eBike services, wheel truing, brake adjustments, and drivetrain repairs. We also offer a flat-proof guarantee to stop those pesky flat tires. The best part is, we stand behind all of our work — guaranteed. Our techs provide expert advice on how to keep your bike running smoothly and prevent future problems. With our fast and reliable service, our service center is the go-to destination for all your bike repair and maintenance needs.


Tune Up

With the Tune-up, everything on your bike will be gone over and adjusted just right. Adjust brakes, gears, bottom bracket, headset, and hubs. True wheels. Lube & tighten everything else as required.

Biker’s Edge Bike – $75

Bike Store Bike – $120

Department store/Older Model Bike (10+ years) – $150

eBike Diagnosis (Bosch, Shimano, Yamaha, eBike Motion ONLY) – $120/Hour

Labor $2/Minute


Coward levers — arguably the most important part on your bike.

Brake Bleed – $40/each (includes fluid)

Brake Adjustment – $12

Brake Pad Install – $14/pair


The wheels on the bike go round and round.

Install Tube – $12 (eBikes may incur additional charge)

Tubeless Setup – $30/rim (+parts and tape)

Sealant Refill – $6-12

Wheel True – $20-30

Wheel build – $80-100


It’s supposed to actually move.

Basic Fork Service – $60 (Does not include parts or damper service)

Basic Shock Service – $40 (Does not include parts or damper service)

Current wait times for repairs

Call or message for current turnaround times

We have two ways of checking bikes in for service. If you can manage to just drop your bike off and wait, we will check it in and call you when it’s done – the second it’s done. Pinky promise. If you’d rather bring it in for an evaluation, make a return date to bring it in for the repairs to be done, take it home with you, and ride it in the meantime, we are happy to make that happen. Please know, we have to see the bike in person to make a return appointment. We need to check it over and see what work needs to be done, get the necessary parts on order, and determine when the work can be completed. Unfortunately, we cannot make appointments for bikes sight unseen. Repairs are done on a first-come-first-served basis. We can’t sneak you in line ahead of other repairs. We have to be fair to all of our customers.