Want to be a part of the Biker’s Edge team?

At Biker’s Edge we pride ourselves on being nerds not snobs. We’re shattering the elitist, pretentious bike shop stereotypes. Maybe it’s because we are a bunch of regular, everyday folks who love riding bikes. You’d be a good fit if you can do these things:

  • Work really hard
  • Know your stuff
  • Treat everyone who walks in the door with equal importance
  • Have good taste in music

Do you work hard and not know a lot? Lucky for you, there’s a little thing called learning. Know a lot but don’t work hard? Are you a jerk? You’re probably better suited somewhere else. We’re looking for individuals with your grandpa’s work ethic, an eagerness to learn, and the Golden Rule engrained in their brains.


Bike shop life is pretty rad. It certainly comes with some perks.

  • Close access to trails for pre and post work rides.
  • A demo bike for full-timers.
  • “Shop Trip.”
  • Industry hookups.

Current Openings