Don’t know what to get for your cyclist? We’re here to make your holiday gift shopping easy. We’ve compiled a list of things we’d all be happy to see under the tree.

Shopping for a cyclist can be tough — we are picky and we like things just so. You can take comfort in this list knowing that we would all be more than happy to receive any one of these items – so will your favorite cyclist.

evoc multi frame bag

Evoc MultiFrame Pack – $49.99

Backpacks suck. Riding with a backpack is even worse. Ditch the bag and store all your tools and snacks on your bike. The Evoc Multiframe Pack fits almost any bike (mountain, road, gravel, fat…) and looks pretty dang good. It’s water resistant to keep your stuff dry.

Pearl Izumi Merino Wool Socks

Pearl Izumi Merino Wool Socks – $22.00

Socks for Christmas — the gift hated by kids and adored by adults. If that adult is a cyclist and there might not be a better gift to receive. The Pearl Izumi Merino Wool Socks keep your feet warm in all riding conditions. Bonus: They’re not itchy and scratchy.

Giro Cascade Winter Gloves

Giro Cascade Gloves – $49.99

You’ve got your wool socks to keep you warm. Now you’ll need some gloves to match. The Giro Cascade Winter Gloves are insulated and windproof to keep your hands from freezing to your handlebars. They work with your cell screen too.

cuschcore tire insert

CushCore Tire Insert – $76.00

Quite possibly the best innovation in keeping air in your tires since going tubeless. Not only does CuschCore prevent pinch flats, it lets you run lower air pressures for more traction. All while giving more cornering support and damping through the chatter.

Lezyne Lite Drive 800 XL

Lezyne Lite Drive 800 XL – $69.99

Winter is a dark and cold time in a cyclist’s life. Brighten it up with a powerful 800 lumens. The Lezyne Lite Drive is the perfect headlight for those rides that go beyond the light of day.

deity knuckleduster grips

Deity Knuckleduster Grips – $21.99

New grips give your old bike that “New Bike” feeling. The Knuckleduster grips are some of the grippiest and comfiest grips out there. The soft rubber keeps hand pain at bay. Plus they make them in a whole slew of colors to match your bike.

tubolito tube

Tubolito Ultralight Tube – $37.99

Not your dad’s bike tube. This thing is light — ultralight. At 83 grams compared to 260, the Tubolito is the lightest and smallest option for carrying a spare. Tuck this one just about anywhere on your bike to have you covered when your ride turns south.

DZ Nuts

DZ Nuts – $1.00

Chamois cream can save the day. Especially when that day involves really long rides. DZ Nuts keeps everything gliding smoothly to prevent chaffing and sores. That’s about as much detail as we can go into chamois cream while keeping this gift guide G-rated.

Pro Bar Nutrition

Pro bar Meal On-The-Go – $2.49

Pro Bar makes delicious, healthy snacks for just about any activity. the Blueberry Muffin flavor is a go-to here at the shop. Toss a few of these in a stocking and you’re good to go.

bikers edge gift card

Biker’s Edge Gift Card – $x.xx

Is your cyclist the pickiest? Or, already have everything on the list? We have gift cards for when you just can’t decide. Available in any amount, although we suggest $1,000,000.00

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