Orbea is on a roll with the new bikes. Although the 2023 Orbea Rise stays largely the same, it does see some key improvements that build on the old version for an even more natural ride experience. We recently visited Orbea’s HQ and factory in northern Spain where we caught a sneak peek at the new Rise.

Before we jump into what’s new, let’s talk about what isn’t. The Rise stays true to its roots of “More bike. Less E.” It still uses the Shimano EP8 RS, although it is an updated version with more customization than before. Travel numbers and geometry remain the same for 2023. Now let’s get into what’s new.

What’s new with the orbea rise

Battery Options

Let’s start with what I think makes the biggest impact. The rise now comes with a newly designed 360Wh battery that’s nearly a pound lighter than the old version. This new battery is compatible with 2023 carbon frames as well as existing alloy frames. The new carbon frame is also designed to work with the larger 540Wh battery that launched with the alloy Rise last year. The carbon bike will still come with the standard 360Wh battery unless the rider selects the larger battery in the MyO process. Really what you’re getting here is the flexibility to choose your battery size based on where and how you ride. The lighter battery will offer improved handling while the compatibility with the larger battery will allow for longer rides. 


Next up we have the cockpit. Like the Wild, the new Rise now has cable routing through the headset. It cleans up the cockpit significantly. Orbea has always tried to make the Rise look and feel “less E.” The cable routing along with the new wireless Shimano controller go a long way in reducing distraction from the drive system. This new remote now contains the power button allowing Orbea to remove the power button from the frame. Not only does it look cleaner, but it also allows for better seat post insertion for long droppers. 


The 2023 Rise is lighter than ever. Between the battery, battery mounts, and redesigned link, the Rise is the lightest it’s ever been. I’m not much of a weight weenie myself, but the lighter an ebike gets, the more it rides and handles like a pedal bike. That’s always the end goal in my book.

The carbon Rise comes in two new colors as well as a huge number of possibilities using Orbea’s MyO program. The alloy models will come in three new colors for 2023. Bikes will be shipping immediately. Hit up the web chat, call or visit to get yours today. 

Orbea Rise models for 2023

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