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While I’m an adult and can behave appropriately in at least 50% of situations, this will be the first time I’ve talked openly about my underwear preferences to a bunch of strangers on the internet. I will keep it as professional as possible, but there will be mentions of… stuff. If you’re offended by stuff, this might not be the article for you. If you still want to know the bottom line about the BN3TH North Shore Chamois, here it is. Buy as many of them as you can. Hoard them like people hoarded toilet paper in May 2020. Be warned, stuff starts below.

BN3TH North Shore Review

Whether on purpose or not, I’m sure most of us have ridden with regular underwear at least once in our lives. When I say regular, everyday underwear, I’m referring to athletic undies with a bit of compression. I don’t think my red silk business time boxers are something I’d ever choose to ride in. The best part about riding in everyday underwear is the feeling of freedom. Nothing is constricted, and your stuff has a little bit of room to breathe. It almost feels like you’ve got an AC unit in your shorts. Riding in regular underwear is ideal unless the ride lasts longer than 45 minutes. At that point, it starts to feel like you’ve been sitting on a brick. The chafing, smashing, and overall “no man’s land” destroying qualities of a bike saddle become all too real. 

Conversely, riding with a chamois can be pretty nice. It’s padded, prevents chafing, and holds your stuff firmly in place. It also keeps your stuff from going numb. The problem with a chamois is that it gets hot, clammy, and pretty constrictive.

Enter the North Shore Chamois. It’s the opposite of a mullet — business in the back and party in the front. There’s some padding in the back and a whole lot of freedom in the front. The padded part of the underwear starts to taper off right at the base of your stuff. All BN3TH underwear, including the North Shore, features the trademarked MyPackage Pouch Technology with claims of “keeping your boys in place without touching your legs” and “so comfy you can’t even feel ‘em! Like floating on a cloud.” In a nutshell, MyPackage Pouch Technology is a designated parking spot for your stuff. It keeps it in place without smashing it like a chamois. It’s the best of both worlds.

BN3TH Inside Rear

Let’s talk about the pad just a little bit. I’ve ridden with chamois from Giro, Pearl Izumi, Assos, Hyperthreads, Castelli, and Club Ride. To be frank, I prefer the feel of the Pearl Izumi pad. The BN3TH pad isn’t as refined as other brands who have been making them for years now. From what I can tell, there are two densities of foam. There’s a skinny layer around the edges with a fatter layer down the middle. I don’t think it currently can match the level of cycling-specific brands. That said, it’s the least bulky chamois I’ve ever had, and that certainly counts for something. Bulky chamois lead to chafing, chafing leads to sores, sores lead to time not spent on your bike. In other words, bulky equals bad. 

BN3TH Inside Chamoix

Other nice features include the silicone grippers on the waistband and cuff, as well as the highly breathable material.

Final Impressions BN3TH North Shore

The North Shore Chamois has become the first one I grab after laundry day. It’s comfortable on the bike and it stays put when riding – plumber’s crack be damned. I don’t notice any hot spots. I do wish the padding was a little more forgiving to hold up to longer rides, though.

The BN3TH chamois is stealthy. It’s the only bike diaper I’ve owned that I haven’t wanted to get off immediately after riding. It breathes well, wicks away sweat, and is incredibly comfortable. The ¾ length pad makes the most significant difference. In the front, it feels like you’re just wearing underwear, but in the back, you’ve got some padding to cover your butt, literally.

The $65 retail price is on par with other high-end liners. I’d just hope to see the quality of the pad itself improve with future iterations. The overall idea is rock solid, though.

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