Enve Alloy Stem

In my mind, a stem has two jobs — holding onto the steerer tube and holding onto the handlebar. I’d say that most stems on the market do a pretty good job at those two things. There’s really not a whole lot between them. For me, it comes down to finish, durability, and size options.

Enve’s intentions of creating more affordable products for the masses became apparent with the launch of the AM30 carbon wheels earlier this year. Now they’ve created a more budget-friendly alloy mountain stem whithout sacrificing the quality they’re known for, enter the Enve Alloy Stem.

“The introduction of the alloy mountain stem will allow more riders access to a complete ENVE cockpit and therefore ENVE performance. Our M Series carbon stem retains its position as the benchmark mountain bike stem, while the new alloy stem provides the same strength and reliability, at a slight weight and ride quality penalty”
-Jake Pantone, VP of Product

High-end stems like the Enve Alloy Mountain Stem tend to have a better, more durable finish and are generally a little lighter weight. The Enve Alloy stem has an impeccable machined finish with beveled edges and no sharp corners. Enve says it designed to be used with their M series carbon handlebars. The lack of sharp edges keep the carbon bars safe from being crushed or damaged. The “No Gap” beveled faceplate also prevents carbon bars from being crushed.

The Alloy Mountain Stem comes in both 31.8mm and 35mm clamp diameters. It’s offered in three lengths all with zero rise — 35mm, 50mm and 65mm. The stem is available now with a retail price of $125. Stop by to complete your Enve cockpit with the new Alloy Mountain Stem.

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