Cyclists just might be some of the hardest people on the planet to shop for. I am one. I know for a fact my wife wouldn’t even know where to begin with trying to find me something bike related for the holidays. And, it’s not her fault. Not only are we a picky bunch, there are about a million and one standards for bike parts. To the uninitiated, these can be tricky waters to navigate — that’s where we come in. Picture this article as your river guide on the whitewater tour of finding the perfect holiday gifts for your mountain bikers (I don’t know. I’m running out of analogies for 2020.)

Sensus Meaty Paw Grips – $32.99

Sensus Meaty Paw Grip

New grips are the normal person’s equivalent to new socks. There’s nothing quite like a fresh set of squishy rubber grips on your bike. Like most folks wear their socks until they’re threadbare and filled with holes, mountain bikers tend to hang on to their grips for way too long. The Sensus Meaty Paws are the Kyle Strait signature grips. If you don’t know anything about Kyle Strait, know this — at first glance he looks more like an NFL linebacker than a professional mountain biker. He’s a big dude, and these grips are Kyle sized — perfect for meaty paws.

Oneup Components EDC Lite Tool – $40.00

Oneup EDC Lite Tool

The EDC Lite is the gift for the gadget lover. It’s the newer, smaller, and easier to install EDC Tool from OneUp Components. Instead of messing around with cutting threads into your steerer tube, the EDC Lite makes it way easier to carry your multi-tool on your bike. It’s sneaky, stealthy and comes in a bunch of colors to match any bike. The EDC Lite leaves you with no excuses for not having a multi-tool with you on all your rides. Leave it to OneUp to make the most innovative and cool trinkets on the market.

Biker’s Edge Mud Fender – $24.99

BE Mud Fender

If I’m being honest, there’s not a ton to say about the Biker’s Edge Mud Fender. It looks cool, keeps mud out of your teeth and helps protect your fork stanchions and seals from debris. Plus look at all the stripes. Aren’t they neat?

Deity Deftrap Pedals – $50.00

Deity Deftrap Pedal

Bikes are really hard to pedal without pedals. Trust me, I’ve tried. Luckily, Deity makes some of our favorite flat pedals at the shop. The Deftraps are the newest option from the Idaho brand. Let’s talk about what makes these so great. They’re big, they’re very grippy, they use replaceable traction pins, and they have a true concave design. Oh, and as a bonus, they come in 10 colors. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill plastic MTB pedals. They are fully sealed and can be rebuilt after years of abuse. Don’t let the plastic fool you. These sons of guns are tough.

Thule Round Trip Bike Duffel – $119.95

Thule Round Trip Duffel

Alright, unless you are Bigfoot, this isn’t going to fit in a stocking. But, it’s ok to bend the rules from time to time. Forget the grocery sack or blue Ikea bag. The Thule Round Trip Bike Duffel is the Cadillac of duffel bags. It’s got compartments specific to all your gear. There’s a padded section for your helmet, a sealed off section for dirty shoes, tons of dividers for glasses, gloves, tools, water bottles, clean clothes, dirty clothes, and everything else you need to hit the trails. It holds 3-5 days worth of riding gear making it perfect for bike trips. Even Santa wishes he had one for making deliveries this year.

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