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POC Kortal Race MIPS

It’s tough to deny that POC has some of the cleanest and best-looking helmets in the game. Somehow they still manage to pack a ton of safety features into such a stylish package. Enter the new POC Kortal Race MIPS and Kortal. Take a minute and look at the piece of art that this helmet is. No, really. I’ll wait.

Now let’s dive into some of the safety features. POC used Aramid bridges in their high-end helmets. Think of them as beams that span the entire helmet. They’re molded directly into the standard EPS foam. Basically, they spread the force of an impact out over a greater area while also strengthening the overall structure. They allow for ultra-light helmets that are very safe. Speaking of safety, the new the Kortal Race Mips is a speed pedelec certified helmet. It’s tested at higher speeds than traditional MTB certifications.

Kortal Safety Features

I’m going to make the argument here that the Kortal Race Mips is the ideal helmet for those solo riders – here’s why. 

Koral Rear Shot

First, it has an NFC medical ID chip. Knock on wood, when you knock yourself silly on the trail, first responders can scan the chip to find your medical ID, crucial info, and emergency contacts. Now you don’t have to play the “If I don’t get back by 9 PM, call the search party” game with your partner. 

Second, the Kortal Race Mips has a Recco reflector for those adventure missions. Recco is commonly found in snowsports clothing to assist in avalanche rescue. More recently, it’s been found on summer sports clothing and gear. Again, knock on wood, if you get lost/hurt out in the woods, search and rescue can more easily locate you by scanning for the Recco reflector.

Lastly, the Kortal Race Mips is the first helmet to feature the newest iteration of Mips — Mips Integra. Integra is the company’s most minimal rotational impact liner yet. It’s claimed to be the slimmest and most integrated version. Added protection without the drawbacks.

All of these safety features are for the worst-case scenario. But then again, that’s what a helmet is for. Having these extra features built-in gives you the peace of mind to ride alone. You still have to watch out for bears.

POC Devour Clarity

Along with the Kortal, POC released the Devour Clarity riding glasses. They’re designed to integrate with the Kortal helmet perfectly for maximum protection. The glasses are HUGE! If you hate getting dirt, bugs, sticks, and rocks in your eyes, I have yet to find a pair of riding glasses that offer more protection. They’re basically goggles without going full enduro. The Devour gasses feature interchangeable lenses and loads of adjustability for the best fit. 

Stop by the shop and up your safety game today.

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