A new bike every week? Yeah we don’t mind. The last few weeks have been filled with so many new releases, it sort of feels like Christmas around the shop. Except, Santa wears brown shorts and drives a box truck. This week, jolly old Saint Nick, brought us the Revel Ranger. Revel is in its sophomore year now and finds itself hanging with the seniors. The new Ranger is a refined addition to the already stellar lineup.

Ranger Cover Photo

Revel Ranger XC Marathon

Revel launched their first two bikes early last year. Since then, the Rascal (130mm 29er) and the Rail (165mm 27.5”) have been some of the most asked about bikes at the shop. Today we welcome the 115mm (R) 120mm (F) Ranger to the family. The Ranger rolls on 29” wheels (or 27.5” plus if you’re so inclined), a lightweight frame and packs a punch with the CBF suspension platform. Revel is billing it as their XC marathon bike. If you’re unfamiliar, the XC marathon category is basically a rough and rugged XC bike for long rides and races like True Grit Epic and BC Bike Race. I look at it this way. I’m not going to stand on the podium of one of those events, so I may as well ride a bike that makes the 50 miles of tough riding a little more comfortable and enjoyable. I’ll take the weight and efficiency penalty. They usually have a little extra travel, heavier tires and dropper posts – three things I have a hard time living without. XC marathon bikes make great trail bikes for riders who want great efficiency and uphill performance while not being scared to death on the way back down. They Also make great bikes for folks who no longer race, but can’t stand the feel of a heavy, squishy and big bike.

One thing Revel has done really well since their start is providing a lot of value in their build kits. They don’t do cheap, but they also don’t mess around — every component is chosen to stand up to the task at hand. As of the launch, the Ranger comes in three kit options: GX Eagle – $4999, X01 Eagle with RW30 wheels – $7199 and an ultra blingy XX1 AXS Eagle – $9999. You can pick up a frame and shock for $2799 or a frame, RockShox SID Luxe Ultimate fork and shock for $3499.

As for geometry, the Ranger is modern, but not extreme. The geo lends itself to providing an active and agile ride quality without being squirrelly. The head tube angle is 67.5 degrees and the seat tube angle is 75.3 degrees. The reach in a size large is a roomy 473mm with a 1194mm wheelbase. The chainstays are fairly short at 436mm. All of that adds up to a capable bike, yet one that would never be confused with a DH oriented sled. It’s not made for plowing through rock gardens with your eyes closed, neither is it made for walking your bike next to said rock garden.

Who is the Revel Ranger for?

I mentioned it a bit above, but the Ranger is for the type of rider who values uphill performance, doesn’t get too crazy on the downhills and likes to actually ride a bike instead of just holding on to one that does all the work for you. It’s a great option for long days with big climbs. Check it out if riding marathon events sounds fun to you. It’s a great bike for keeping up with your kids on the high school XC teams without killing yourself on the DH. It will handle Moab and St George, but will be the perfect Northern Utah bike.

Highlights worth putting in a list

  • 115mm rear travel
  • 120mm front travel
  • Compatible with 130mm forks
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 30-day guarantee
  • Max tire clearance 29×2.6 or 27.5×2.8
Ranger Action Shot

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