A month and a half ago, Giant dropped the alloy version of the Trance X 29. If you missed it, go read our Trance X 29 First Look. That’s where you’ll find all the juicy details about the new design. Here, we are just going to cover the basics and drool over how good this thing looks. Seriously, Giant has been stepping up the game with their new designs and paint jobs. Ogle all you’d like at the photos below — we won’t judge.

Trance X Cover Photo

So here’s the big difference between this one and the one that Giant released in August. Carbon — frames and wheels. Let’s break down Giant’s nomenclature a little bit. This is the Trance X Advanced Pro 29. It’s quite the mouthful. If we break it down word by word it gets a little easier. Trance X = 135mm trail bike, Advanced = Carbon frame, Pro = Carbon Wheels, and 29 = big old wagon wheels. Hopefully that cleared things up a bit. Other than being 25% lighter, this frame is the exact same as the alloy version — geometry and travel numbers stay the same. Apart from being lighter, carbon bikes tend to have a different ride quality than their alloy counterparts. Notice I didn’t say better. I said different. Some folks like the way an aluminum bike handles. Some folks prefer carbon. That’s a whole other can of worms that we aren’t going to get into today.

The Trance X Advanced Pro 29 (I really cant type the name too many more times. I’m going to wear out my keyboard) comes in three different build kits. The base kit is the “Pro 2” that retails for $4300. It comes with a mix of Sram GX, NX and Shimano components. It features a Giant branded cockpit and includes their new Romero saddle. Hopefully it’s more comfortable than their old model. Actually, it can’t be worse — that would be impossible. The squishy bits are RockShox with the Pike Select up front and the Deluxe Select+ out back. The $5400 “Pro 1” comes with a full Sram GX drivetrain that features the new 10-52 tooth cassette. It comes with Sram G2 R brakes and Fox Performance Elite level suspension front and back. If I was spending my own cold hard cash, this is the one I’d buy. Lastly, the “Pro 0” retails for a cool $8500 with all the fanciest bits.

Now, I’m about to say something really crazy. Before you go get your pitchfork and torch, hear me out. Once I’ve said my part, you can raid the toolshed for all your pointy sticks. The $8500 “Pro 0” is actually a pretty solid bargain. Don’t call the mob just yet. Not only is it all carbon, it comes with a Shimano XT/XTR drivetrain and brakes, and has a fancy Kashima coated Fox Transfer Factory dropper post. But here’s the kicker. It comes with Fox Factory suspension. But not just any gold and blingy suspension. It comes with Fox Live. That’s the electronic valve that reads and reacts to the terrain in 1.21 nanoseconds. Don’t quote me on that time. It automatically opens and closes damper valves based on how your suspension is reacting to the terrain. Hit a bump – it opens. Don’t hit one for the next blink of an eye – it closes. The idea is to keep you as efficient as possible. May as well firm up that suspension when you’re not using it. Pretty cool huh? Most bikes we’ve seen with Fox Live have been in the $10-12k range. So, to see it on an $8500 bike is pretty promising. Ok — now you can get your pitchfork. I’m ready.

We can’t wait to throw a leg over this bike. We bought as many as they’d sell us and our demo fleet should also be arriving shortly. Stay tuned!

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