Oh boy—the cool kids have gone out and done it. Transition made an ebike—introducing the Repeater.

Repeater Full

You’re not going to be surprised when I say I couldn’t be more stoked to see a Sentinel with a battery and motor. That’s basically where the repeater falls in the Transition lineup. It has 160mm of travel in both front and back, putting it squarely in the rough and rugged category. Pair that to 29” wheels, aggressive geometry, and the added weight of an ebike, and this thing is going to be a brawler. One of my favorite things about Transition’s mountain bikes is that they are always as burly as you want them to be without ever being too much bike. I’ve got a feeling the Repeater will fall into that same category.

Repeater Geo Chart

The Repeater uses the ultra-popular Shimano EP8 drive system giving it 85Nm of peak torque. The battery falls somewhere in the middle of the range with 630-watt hours. That should be enough for longer rides. The battery is easily removable and replaceable if you want to run a spare. The motor comes pre-tuned by Transition with two settings—one with battery conservation in mind and the other for the most natural-feeling ride experience. One nice bonus is that all Repeater models come with the full-color Shimano head unit—it’s the details that matter.

Double Repeater Action Shots

Repeater builds start at $8199 for the NX-equipped bike with a GX kit at $9,499, and the top-of-the-line AXS build at $10,999. All of the builds feature the same drive unit, battery, and display. 

Repeater Build Price Points

Repeater Rally Shot

Inventory is pretty scarce, but we have the Transition Repeater for sale, with bikes coming in later this week (3/8). Stay tuned for a full review.

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