The Spur, a new look for Transition.

Spur FL Cover

Transition is known for partying in the woods. They’re also known for building stout bikes designed for shredders. Just watch any one of their videos and you’ll immediately see that the whole company can ride bikes. Their bikes are usually super slack, capable and if we’re being honest, a little portly. So the Spur is a new look for them. It’s light, has somewhat conservative geometry and places a big emphasis on going uphill. Let’s dive a little deeper.

What makes the Transition spur so different?

The first thing we noticed about the Spur is it is light — like, sub 25lb light. Thats pretty impressive considering it comes with proper tires. the Spur is part of that downcountry, lightweight trail category of bikes. Its main purpose is to go uphill quickly and cover a lot of miles. It happens to do a great job of going downhill too. One thing that sets the Spur apart from other XC-ish bikes is the geometry. It has a rather slack head tube angle at 66 degrees and a long reach at 480mm in a size large. Those are full blown trail bike numbers. We wouldn’t expect anything less of Transition.

Instead of the usual rear pivot axle and bearing, the Spur uses a flex stay to eliminate extra weight. The seat stay near the rear axle is designed to flex similar to what Cannondale does on the Scalpel and Orbea on the Oiz. It’s a nice way to lose some weight while not compromising frame durability or suspension performance.

The Spur rocks 120mm of travel both front and back, although you have the option to run a shorter stroke shock to bring the rear travel down to 100mm. If you’re after the utmost efficiency and you don’t need the extra 20mm, this is a nice feature. Personally, I’ll take the extra 20mm of mistake eraser. The Spur rolls on Rockshox XC suspension. It uses the SID fork and SIDluxe shock to control all the squishy bits. All the stock build kits happen to be Sram as well. Speaking of build kits, Transition offers three as of this time. The builds range from $4,999 for a GX level kit to $8,999 for the tiny robot equipped XX1 AXS kit – including the Reverb AXS dropper. Nice touch.

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  • 29” wheels
  • 120mm of travel
  • 100mm rear travel compatible
  • As light as 24.7lbs.
  • Gear accessory mount under top tube


  • HTA – 66°
  • STA – 75.9°
  • Reach (L) – 480mm
  • Wheelbase (L) – 1219mm
  • Chainstay – 435mm

who is the Transition Spur for?

The Spur is for the rider that likes to cover a lot of ground quickly. They want all the climbing performance and the responsive ride quality of a lightweight bike. They don’t want to let the bike slow them down on the descents either. This is one of the most DH oriented XC-ish bikes on the market. Somehow it remains extremely competitive on the scale with builds as light as 24.7 lbs. If you want to ride all day, do stupid climbs and rips the descents, take at peek at the Transition Spur.

We have bikes on the way. They should be built and ready to ogle and purchase shortly.

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